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Experience Venice


The Origins of Venice - Tour 17

Tour description:

Venice was born a long time ago in a swampy area. People who needed a safe place to live moved to it and turned it into land. Mazzorbo is one of those sites, a small, thinly populated island split in half by its major canal and largely covered with vines and vegetable gardens. There have been numerous churches and monasteries here since the Middle Ages, but only the church of San Caterina, which has a very old bell, is still standing today. The near-by island of Torcello, mostly uninhabited today, is a reminder of Venice's former magnificence. The island has always been considered the mother of Venice, and its church, known as Santa Maria Assunta, stands out among the low vegetation that covers the island. The church retains its ancient mosaics and it is flanked by its bell-tower, from which you can have a breathtaking view!

The visit includes:
Visit to the island of Mazzorbo.
Visit to the island of Torcello.
The climb to the bell-tower.
The guided tour costs 160,00 Euro for small groups and families up to 8 people.
The ticket to the bell-tower on Torcello costs 5,00 Euro per person.
The means of transport are not included in the price.
Duration :2 hours

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St. George's Island - Tour 18

Tour description:

Saint George’s island is located in front of Piazza San Marco and can be easily reached by public means of transport. Known in the past as the Isle of Cypresses, the island was full of salt marshes and vineyards looked after by the Benedictine monks. In the 16th century, they commissioned the reconstruction of their church and monastery to one of the leading architects of the time, Andrea Palladio. He designed the church in classical Renaissance style with a white marble façade that gleams above the blue water of St. Mark’s water basin. The church was later decorated by great artists among whom Tintoretto, who painted the Last Supper and the Fall of the Manna for the central apse. After visiting the church, we will go up to the bell-tower, from which you can admire the entire city.

The visit includes:
Visit to the church.
Breathtaking view from the tower.
The guided tour costs 140,00 Euro for small groups and families up to 8 people.
Entrance to the church bell-tower costs 8,00 Euro per person full price, reduced tickets cost 6,00 Euro per person.
You must dress appropriately to enter the church.
The means of transport to reach the island are not included in the price.

Duration: 1,5 hour

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Secret Gardens - Tour 19

Tour description:

Venetian gardens are scattered all around Venice and mostly hidden behind high walls, large
churches, monasteries and palaces. The residences that wealthy aristocrats built often included gardens like the Palace Contarini del Zaffo, tucked away from the outside world in the district of Cannaregio. Nuns take care of this garden, where they also grow vegetables. In the same area, there is another undiscovered gem, that preserves the qualities of a Venetian garden. Ca’ Morosini del Giardin orchard-garden is surrounded by greenery and tranquility, immersed in silence where Dominican nuns live. Here, fruit trees, flowers and vegetables flourish in soil that absorbs sea salt.

The visit includes:
Visit to the gardens of Contarini dal Zaffo and Ca’ Morosini del Giardin.
The guided tour costs 160.00 Euro for small groups and families up to 8 people.
The entrance to the gardens is an offer to the nuns of 20,00 Euro for each garden.
Duration: 2 hours

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History of the Gondola - Tour 20

Tour description:

Your guide will introduce you to the magical world of Venice, with its secrets and mysteries, when gondolas were used by everyone to move around the city. Every time you cross a bridge or walk down a street facing the water, you see their bows or sterns appear all of a sudden. Gondolas are made of eight different woods in the so-called ‘squero’, a gondola boatyard, where they take on their well-known asymmetric shape. Their most characteristic element is its iron bow, as well as its black colour. Discover when and why gondolas were painted black. You will end the tour with a gondola ride going along narrow and tucked away canals.

The visit includes:
1 hour walk.
30 minute gondola tour.
The guided tour costs 140,00 Euro for 4 people.
The gondola tour costs 90.00 for 30 minutes for 4 people + the guide.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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