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Kids in Venice


St. Mark’s Basilica and the Pala d’Oro - Tour 21

Tour description:

If you like to see something memorable, visit St. Mark’s Basilica, the most famous church in Venice. Its interior is amazingly decorated with a golden mantle of mosaics that forms a whole with its slabs of marble in different colours. Find out how many square meters of mosaic there are in the church. To expand your visit, reach the church’s high altar and walk to its back. You will discover something hidden and invaluable. The so-called Pala d’Oro, used to decorate the high altar on special occasions, is a coating of gold, silver, enamels, and precious stones. Learn how it was saved from being dismantled. The visit will continue to a mosaic making laboratory.

The visit includes:
Visit to St. Mark’s Basilica.
Visit to the Pala d’Oro.
Visit to a mosaic making laboratory.
The guided tour costs 240,00 Euro for small groups and families up to 8 people.
The entrance to St. Mark’s church and the Pala d’Oro costs 12,00 Euro per person.
Tickets must be purchased ahead of time.
You must dress appropriately to enter the church.
Ask for a quotation for the laboratory experience.
Duration: 3 hours

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Murano and Burano Islands - Tour 22

Tour description:

A nice, relaxing morning or afternoon excursion to the islands of the lagoon in the northern part of Venice is a wonderful experience for kids. Enjoy the boat ride and learn how those islands became famous for their productions. On Murano, you will visit a glass-factory and be introduced to the fascinating world of glass- blowing. A surprise will be organized in order to engage the younger ones and keep them busy! The excursion will continue to Burano, the lace-making island, a magical place with its colourful houses and its leaning tower. As far as tradition goes, lace was created with the foam of the sea by sirens.

The visit includes:
Visit to the island of Murano including a glass-factory.
Visit to the island of Burano.
The guided tour costs 320,00 Euro for small groups and families up to 8 people.
The means of transport are not included in the price, ask for a quotation.
Duration: 4 hours

Ancora 22

Discovering the Winged Lion - Tour 23

Tour description:

You will see the winged lion all over Venice looking down from buildings, and on pillars in different poses to symbolize magnificence, bravery, quality and triumph. Currently everyone knows that the winged lion is the symbol of Venice, but not everyone knows that the lion represents Saint Mark, one of the four Evangelists. Take a closer look at the lion and you may find out that not all lions are the same. Describe its characteristics, and discover what the different representations mean. Look for the least known lion is a crouched lion facing forward. It reminds us of the appearance of the crab with its claws open, ‘in moeca’ in Venetian dialect. Try to find one and take a picture!

The visit includes:
An external visit of St. Mark’s Square.
A visit to less known parts of the city.
The guided tour costs 160,00 Euro for small groups and families up to 8 people.
Duration: 2 hours

Ancora 23

The Historical Naval Museum - Tour 24

Tour description:

Venice manufactured and equipped its ships in a big factory called Arsenale. Here, market and war galleys were built to reach foreign countries in the East. In the museum, there are old models of those boats that ventured into the sea in the past. Learn how fast those boats were, how they were maneuvered and how life was on board. Do not forget to see the star of the museum, the Bucentaur, the sumptuous vessel of the doges used to celebrate Venice's marriage to the sea. Of notable interest are also objects related to the navy, technology, strategy, etc.

The visit includes:
Visit to the historical naval museum.
The guided tour costs 160,00 Euro for small groups and families up to 8 people.
Entrance to the historical naval museum costs full price 10,00 Euro per person, reduced.
tickets cost 7,50 Euro per person.
Duration: 2 hours

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