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Burano lace: an art that is dying out!

Burano island and its houses in striking colors

The lagoon of Venice is surrounded by many islands that have their hidden treasures. Located in the northern part of this enclosed bay Burano is well-known for its lace production since the 1500s.

Lace museum

Thanks to the patient work of many women, who repaired their husbands’ fishing nets, lace making was invented by using a needle and a thread. From this simple work they copied and created a particular stitch that gave birth to a delicate fabric made by hand. The

techniques employed are still the same of the past and are known today by a few women, who are very old.

Fishing nets

When the design has been chosen it is copied onto transparent paper and then sewn together with pieces of cloth. With a needle and a thread the paper is pierced in order to follow the pattern.


This type of lace is created using at least four stitches, the main one being the guipure one, followed by the so-called barrette stitch used to tie the work together. The last stitches that complete the work are the net and the relief one. When the piece of lace is ready the paper is cut off, the lace is washed, starched and framed.

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