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Casa dei Tre Oci or the House of the Three Eyes:

the house of Photography on Giudecca island is for sale

The house is a very interesting Neo-gothic structure, built on the Giudecca island in a period of cultural revival in the beginning of the 20th century. It was built by a painter from Bologna, Mario de Maria. Its façade has three very large windows on the first floor while on the top floor there are three smaller ones.

The three largest windows are the eyes, hence the name “ tre oci”, three eyes. They symbolically represent the painter, his wife and his son, while the three smallest ones on the upper level his daughter Silvia, who died at an early age.

The palace is considered a prestigious place for all the famous people who have stayed there. It has also given rise to numerous cultural initiatives throughout the last decades.

It was restored in the year 2000 to house an exhibition space open to the public. In addition to photographic exhibitions, there are conferences, book presentations and educational activities.

The building hosts photographic archives, including the owner's photographic collection.

Unfortunately, since May 2020 the news of the sale of the building has been circulating. Despite the subsequent denials, the possible sale of the building by the current owners was leaked and at the moment it is not possible to know what will be the end of this property.

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