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Introduction to our blog

Our blog will be dealing with food and wine and a section will be dedicated to pastry. The main idea is to suggest Venetian recipes and explain when it is possible some interesting anecdotes and facts that might be peculiar and related. We hope you will enjoy reading it and that you will succeed when you are in Venice to taste some recipes we offer you.

When you think of Venice you think of its unique shape, of its history, art and architecture and very seldom of its gastronomic tradition. Due to its geographical position between land and sea, Venetian cuisine has been influenced by various cultures and is completely different from the rest of the Veneto region. Thanks to its trade with the Eastern world, Venice imported tons of spices every year, that were resold in the West. Pepper, raisins, ginger, saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves were and are used in the kitchens to flavor both fish and meat.

The presence of spices adds an exotic taste to a wide range of dishes that stand out because of the use of very simple ingredients. It does not mean that they are easy to prepare!

Moreover, fresh and quality products in step with the season are preferred if possible to other ingredients. Over the years the Rialto food market has become an institution for locals and also for food lovers. When you come to Venice, we suggest you eat like we do and that you try different specialties and delicacies not forgetting to drink a glass of good wine. It is hard to make a choice among the many recipes that you can eat at home or at a local restaurant. Some of the most famous ones are: Sarde in saor: marinated sardines Baccalà mantecato: Venetian salted cod Risotto al nero di seppia: risotto and black ink stew Risi e bisi: rice and peas Bigoli in salsa: whole-wheat bigoli pasta, onion and salt-cure fish Fegato alla veneziana: Venetian liver Moleche: lagoon crabs

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