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Mazzorbo island: St. Catherine’s church

Mazzorbo and Burano

Mazzorbo island is very often considered as part of the more famous island of Burano. Inhabited by a few people, not more than 300, it preserves its history in a small strip of land.

Saint Catherine’s church

In such a small space there were once several churches, but today the only one still intact is that of Saint Catherine.

The church is an authentic jewel of the Venetian lagoon, founded in the 8th century and rebuilt later in the end of the 13th and beginning of the 14th, it had a monastery of Benedictine nuns next to it.

Bas-relief on the doorway

The bas-relief of the church portal is fascinating: it represents the mystical wedding of Saint Catherine. On the lunette there are 4 statues: two big ones and two small ones: Jesus, Saint Catherine and the donors.

Jesus is seated on the throne with the book open on the following words “EGO SUM LUX MUNDI” that is “I am the light of the world”. On both sides of his head there are two angels.

Saint Catherine is wearing a crown and is receiving the ring that Jesus slips on her finger. In between them there are the abbess of the convent, Elisabetta Dolfin, and on the right side of Jesus the monastery Procurator, whose name is unknown.

The interior of the church

The interior preserves its original structure with a few frescoes and baroque altars. On the counterfaçade there is the suspended barco in wood, where the nuns once attended mass.

Due to its peculiar shape it is often chosen for weddings by locals or even foreign people.

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