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Spaghetti with clams

In the Veneto region along the Adriatic coast there are different kinds of sea-shells like the “capparossoli” (clams), “capeonghe” (long sea-shells); “capetonde” (round ones or hearts of the lagoon). They are part of the same family, but it is fair to point out that each of these is a unique specialty with its characteristic flavor.

The production of clams in Venice and Chioggia covers 26% of the national needs, and it is considered a completely sustainable fishery as it respects the environment and the reproduction of these crustaceans.

Their sustainability is recognized by the Marine stewardship council.

These mollusks live in areas with shallow bottoms such as those of the Venetian lagoon. They are 2.5 / 3 cm in size and have a light brown or gray shell, while the inner part is white or yellowish.

In Venetian dialect the clams are called "caparossoli" while the traditional clams called " bevarasse" are smaller.

In the Venetian culinary tradition we also find spaghetti with clams, one of the simplest dishes to prepare. The pasta is served together with the shell of the fish.

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